Concept Development and Feasibility

Spaceworks undertakes detailed research analysis and appraisal to take an initial concept to a realised plan.

Spaceworks are experts at working on projects that require sensitive planning and delivery.

Spaceworks has a long track record of new build, restoration and regeneration work, adding value to often problematic sites.

Spaceworks have extensive experience of turning property concepts in to tangible products both for themselves and for national organisations.

Property Search, Acquisition, Planning, Design and Build

Spaceworks is involved in every stage of a project. The team help locate sites, source funding, obtain planning permission and deliver the construction and marketing.

Spaceworks has designed and built many high-profile projects and worked with highly regarded, award-winning architects and designers to deliver sustainable solutions for land and buildings throughout the UK.

Spaceworks have a track record of working with private and public sector bodies to deliver successful schemes.

Kevin McLeod of Grand Designs said: “I know Spaceworks and really admire the way they rework and retain industrial space.”