Tim Buxton

Tim Buxton has been working in construction and real estate for over 20 years.

After spending six years in the Army serving in Germany, Cyprus, The Gulf and the UK, Tim has concentrated on property development and construction projects ranging from residential and Live-Work to commercial and retail.

He has also worked extensively with Neptune Home since 2010 as head of property on a consultancy basis. He has advised and led a number of mixed-use schemes for them including Marlborough, Bath and Epsom, and delivered both commercial and residential space throughout the UK and Europe.

Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw has been developing property for over 25 years.

His life in property started when he converted a small workshop into a couple of flats in his early 20s.

Alex then took a part time post- graduate diploma in property (planning and development) in London while embarking on a career there restoring and converting old commercial ‘loft’ buildings in Tower Bridge, Hackney, Lambeth and Hounslow. These fashionable conversions, on the city fringes in particular, were part of the 1990s revival of places like Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.

The 2019 market value of Alex’s east London developments is in the region of £150 million

Since moving out of London, Alex has developed similar projects on the M4 corridor.

Richard Buxton

Richard Buxton has been working in construction and real estate for over 25 years.

Richard started his first construction firm in 1992 which eventually became a general construction contracting company and a specialist loft conversion company. Together these businesses turned over between two and five million pounds a year.

The 2019 market value of Richard’s own separate property developments is in the region of £90m.

After various collaborations on joint property deals, Richard joined Spaceworks full time in 2016 and then came on board as a director.